IC Roman Catholic School

Project Description

Environmental roofing solution was provided by KGM for this new build project by Mansell Construction.

Kalzip’s advanced green roof system, Nature Roof, was selected for its measurable environmental benefits which exceed the already considerable green credentials of the standard Kalzip system.

Covered with low growing, self-regenerating, drought resistant plant cover which not only creates a blaze of natural colour on the rooftop it also recycles CO2 into O2. This process helps generate a healthy micro-climate around the building, locking up airborne pollutants and dramatically improving air quality.

Nature Roof also soaks up rainwater, releasing it gradually to help prevent possible flooding, and adds sound-absorbing mass to the Kalzip system to create dramatic decibel reductions.

A perfectly balanced and complete solution – Kalzip Nature Roof not only met the high environmental, technical and design requirements of this project it also enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the building.

Roof System: Kalzip standing seam secret fix aluminium roof system with Kalzip Nature Roof System on top.

Project Info

  • Client: Mansell Construction Services
  • Location: College Road, Spinkhill, Sheffield
  • Service: New Build, Roofing
  • Sector: Education